Adjustable Design
to Custom Fit your
Unique Baby
Premium Quality Bodysuits
that Fit Just Right ...
Posheez Fit !

My name is Denisa Dragu and I am the "mompreneur" behind Posheez, the adjustable bodysuit. The story of Posheez by American Posh started within my first week into motherhood. This is when i first found myself shopping for an adjustable and high quality onesie that would custom fit my long and slim newborn. The vast majority of onesies on the market, were made with inferior materials, toxic dyes and most of all, they were nonadjustable. They were too long or too short, too wide or too narrow, however ever perfect. But…that’s when it hit me that baby garments should be created to adjust for a CUSTOM FIT!!!

Babies grow fast, so in order to keep up with their growth we need to get a better fit, quality and time frame out of these garments that are essential during their first formative years.

The lack of adjustable infant garments is what really started me on my quest. Before I knew it, I started designing and redesigning until I perfected what today is the patented design adjustable bodysuit. American Posh LLC is a “mommy-owned “company, the vision of a mother of two {that would be me :-)} who just wanted to bring out on the market an All-American garment that is safe, organic and adjustable.

Our brand is all about premium quality , adjustable features for a custom fit and ,of course, posh, unique designs for our unique babies. Not to mention, I strongly believe in Proudly Made in the USA and the unique opportunity to create jobs right here in our blessed country. I built and run my company based on solid and honest life principles.

Be Creative! Be Unique! Be Posh! … Be American Posh!

Our Posh Service Policy (PSP) is simple: “If you are happy, We are happy”.

We think it’s time we do better for our children. We hope you do too!